Preliminary Meeting for 6th Grade Keystone Science School Field Trip

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Welcome to 5th Grade! We are so excited for the school year!

*Reminder- Students dropped off before 7:35 a.m. need to remain at the front of the Main Building*

  • Battle of the Books! The list is out and our 5th graders are ready to read!

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Dear 5th grade Parents/Guardians:

The 5th grade team strives to provide you with general information regarding your student’s learning. This year we will send home and/or post on our grade level site the areas of focus, in general context, for English/Language Arts, Social Studies and Science for each trimester. Due to the ability grouping of our math program, please check your student’s math site. The Colorado Academic Standards have been revised and our approach this year is in alignment with the 2020 standards, Core Knowledge curriculum and student growth expectations at PCK.

Our Alice in Wonderland theme will enable students to set goals in academics (all areas), character education, and behavior during the course of the year. M.A.P. (Measure of Academic Progress) testing will commence the week of August 19, Tuesday-Friday, and allow us to collect student data and baseline information for the school year.

ELA will kick off with our Tom Sawyer unit. Please calendar our Tom Sawyer picnic, currently set for October 11 (weather permitting, more info to follow). Our Tom Sawyer Quest will occur the week of September 30. Our reading block each day will focus on analysis of the novel, time to select, read and respond to our choice reading books (the first one is due on October 25), as well as, pre-reading, reading, and post reading strategies. Our writing block each day will incorporate grammar, editing, vocabulary development and writing strategies and standard focus areas. Your student’s homeroom teacher will be their ELA (reading and writing) teacher all year.

Science will begin this year with the study of the scientific method. We are thrilled to have a new science lab where students will receive a hands-on experience in two formats! First, students will have one day of content learning in science. Day two will be hands-on lab learning in our classrooms and the third day will be social studies. Next, our students will experience our new PCK lab for more hands-on lab learning.

Social studies will be on an every three day rotation and will focus on early cultures, systems, world geography, and U.S. government. Students will learn how these early civilizations impacted the human race and the United States, early and current.

Please refer to the PCK 5th grade website for detailed information regarding specific homework, syllabi, and assignments. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your student’s teacher.


Mrs. Duran, Ms. Gauthier, and Mr. Robbins